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Hybrid Mail offers local businesses cost savings mailing expenditure

Our friends at Imprimus have launched a new service which could save businesses across Devon and Cornwall up to 60% on their current mailing costs.  ‘Hybrid Mail‘, a system that allows companies to outsource their printing and mailing at the click of a button, no matter what the volume, is already receiving great reviews from the local businesses signing up.

John Chapple, Marketing Manager at Imprimus, said ‘as one of the most experienced and trusted customer communications companies in the UK, we are confident our Hybrid Mail solution will benefit many businesses across the South West. We know that local business owners can become concerned by the increasing costs of mailing out invoices and other communications. Therefore, we have developed a solution which is the complete package to reduce outgoing expenses, maintain security and increase efficiency in the workplace.’

They’ve also created a handy little video on how it works which we’ve placed at the top of this blog post – for more information on Imprimus and their services please visit:

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