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Domino’s flying your way?

There’s a problem for pizza lovers living in the countryside; when it comes to takeaways the options are never abundant, so we’re glad to see that Dominos may soon be allowing us to have a treat night from our high protein diets, and take on a few carbs (everything in moderation right!)

Just imagine having your perfectly prepared pizza delivered to your doorstep by drone… That really is food for thought. Not satisfied with its high-spec delivery vehicle (and when we say high spec we’re talking a warming oven and space for 80 pizzas!), Domino’s is now testing drone delivery in New Zealand.

Drone delivery is fast becoming more popular amongst companies, in particular food-related enterprises. This includes Amazon which, this week, launched Amazon Restaurants, allowing Prime customers in select London postcodes to order food from the site’s partner restaurants with the promise of drone delivery within the hour.

The fast-food giant first started trialling UK delivery by air with its ‘Domicopter’ in 2013, but the pizza publicity stunt went cold, until a few weeks ago.

This time Domino’s means serious business and alongside its drone delivery trials in New Zealand, it plans to introduce test deliveries in other countries such as Australia, France, Belgium and Germany.

If it’s a success, Domino’s would be the first company to offer a commercial drone delivery service in the world and could see a regular service up and running in Auckland later this year.

You can watch the Domino’s pizza drone delivery in action here.

We now hope any pray that we’ll be getting pizza soon, and that it won’t be flown here by the kid on the moped!

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