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Beauty brand releases virtual reality campaign

Luxury beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury has broken a marketing boundary with their new campaign. The perfume ‘Scent of a Dream’ has had its own video made, and it isn’t your standard advert. A Virtual Reality (VR) video has been created by VR specialists Happy Finish as part of a campaign for the new perfume.

Viewers are transported into outer space, surrounded by sparkling galaxies and a thumping baseline. Oh yeah, and Kate Moss. The iconic supermodel guides users through the galaxy as she clutches a bottle of the perfume. Nathan Mitchell pops up at one point too, as does Charlotte Tilbury herself. The short film is based on ‘dream becoming a reality’, providing a full and immersive experience for users and beauty fans.

Whilst we don’t often dream about Kate Moss holding a bottle of perfume in space, we do agree that this is a very cool campaign and an interesting step forward in the future of marketing.

The beauty business boss Charlotte said “The reason I wanted to create this Virtual reality experience was to bring to life my scent for every user in a multi-sensory capacity…not only is it a journey through space with perfume bottles as flying saucers and sheer vertigo from the enormity of it all, but it also physically/visually evokes the ‘time-travelling’ sensation and haunting effect that perfume can have on others.”

The VR experience is being hosted in several virtual reality pods in London, namely the Covent Garden store and in Selfridges, Oxford Street. It will also be rolled out in stores across the UK and US in late September. You can also experience the VR campaign through mobile and desktop on Facebook and YouTube.

The video was directed by Antoine Wagner, shot by award-winning director Baillie Walsh, and was filmed using the new widely acclaimed Nokia OZO camera – the world’s first professional VR camera.

View the VR film above, or here

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