Say hello to the Sion, the new solar powered car

If solar powered phone chargers and electric bicycles weren’t enough, imagine driving around Devon and Cornwall’s country roads in a self-charging electric car.

Say goodbye to expensive fuel bills and hello to Sion – not Siri’s sibling, but the first ever all-electric and solar-powered car.

The family-friendly solar car has been cleverly designed by German company Sono Motors which is funding the development via a Crowdfunding campaign, launched in July.

Since launching the Crowdfunding campaign, Sono Motors has topped their target of €150,000 and, depending on how much they contributed, those who donated will get to test drive the car and receive discounts once the car comes on to the market.

What began as a pre-proto-type set up in a garage four years ago, is set to revolutionise the car industry and help our environment stay healthy.

How does Sion work?

Solar panels. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it’s not quite as straight-forward as you may think. The entire car is covered in highly developed solar cells that charge the motor, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 140 km/h (86mph) and travel around 250km, with an additional 30km free per day just from electricity generated by the sun.

How much will the Sion set you back?

There are two versions of the Sion car; get more miles with the Extender or, if you’re looking for a city car, try the Urban. Both are quick-charging so there’s no need to worry that your car will run out of power whilst driving around the South West’s wonderful country roads.

How much can you expect to pay? The Extender version is being marketed at €16,000 and the Urban, €12,000 – which we think is quite reasonable for a car that charges itself.

When can you get your hands on it?

With the Crowdfunding campaign drawing to a close, development and production of the Sion is planned to take place over the next couple of years, before hitting the market in 2018 – giving you 2 years to set aside your Sion fund!

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