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Beach-goers meet Wet Wipe Monster!

A new species of sea monster arrived on the shores of a Falmouth beach in Cornwall at the weekend… a giant wet-wipe monster!

Walkers out for a stroll on Gyllyngvase Beach were greeted by a 3m tall and 8m wide inflatable figure, otherwise known as Wallace the Wet Wipe Monster.

He was installed as part of an awareness campaign between the Marine Conservation Society and South West Water (SWW), which highlights the huge problems created by flushing wet wipes down the loo.

The number of wet wipes found on UK beaches has increased by 400% over the last decade and costs SWW (and us!) £4.5 million each year to clear around 8,500 blockages in the sewerage network.

So next time you use a wet wipe, be a binner not a flusher!

You can sign the petition for clearer labelling here

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